Jodie Griffith Makeup Artistry

50 over 50 Portrait Shoot

Working with Jodie is an absolute pleasure. She completely puts her clients at ease and brings out their beauty regardless of their age and their confidence in wearing make up. I was so happy with working with Jodie when she worked with some of my clients on a '50 over 50' portrait shoot. The four clients were thrilled with their makeovers and enjoyed trying on false eyelashes for the first time! Jodie is also an excellent communicator, both with me as a photographer and with the clients. Jodie always replies promptly to queries regarding her services and will ask for clarification about what kind of look we are seeking to create in the shoots. Jodie has a very calm and caring approach; she is able to quickly build a rapport with clients so they enjoy the wonderful experience of getting their makeup done. That ease and calm really comes across in the portraits I took of them afterwards. I loved working with Jodie and I very much look forward to working with her again in the near future.
Seema Miah